Largo dos Penedos

The existing building was a part of an aristocratic house from early XVI century, located inside the premises of the medieval city walls of Évora, and was mostly in ruins. It is considered an important historical building, classified by the Regional Cultural Department (DRC). The building front faces Largo dos Penedos square, with an old and majestic plane tree in the center.
The project will keep the 2 floors, a patio with a small parking, and a pool on the upper floor.

  • Location

    Évora, Portugal

  • Size

    654m² GCA

  • Services

    Acquisition. Design and Licensing. Project management and Supervision. Sales and Marketing

  • Date

    2019 - 2022

  • Number of Units

    11 apartments and 3 parking units

  • Status

    Construction Finished

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    Floor Plans
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