We provide a wide array of services.

Experienced Team in Real Estate and Construction

AG CAPITAL has the objective of assisting Real Estate investors in succeeding in their projects, whether large scale institutional investors or individual clients.
We have an experienced team, in both Real Estate and Construction markets, and we are able to successfully execute projects, with the highest quality standards, optimized cost and within the shortest duration.

Project Aquisition

A good start is always important. The Project Acquisition stage is vital for the success of the Real Estate project. We ensure that the project is bought at the most competitive price, is adequate for the purpose, and limit the possible negative outcomes.

  • Location and Market Study – to select the best location, and suitable for the project objectives
  • Feasibility studies and Business Plans – performing property appraisal and sensitivity analysis
  • Bank Financing negotiation – to gather necessary funds, or for equity leverage
  • Building acquisition negotiation – to ensure the best price and payment terms
  • Due diligence coordination – because sometimes the devil is in the detail. A proper technical, legal and financial due diligence is mandatory, to confirm or update the Business
  • Plan assumptions, and ensure there are no hidden problems or setbacks

Project Execution

A proper project execution will lie on three essential vectors: scope, cost and schedule.

  • Designer Team negotiation and selection – we pick not only the best design team, but also the most adequate for each project.
  • Project and Construction Licensing – we coordinate the licensing with the municipality and all the other necessary entities, making sure that nothing is left behind so that all the necessary processes are approved within the shortest times.
  • Contractor negotiation and selection – we make sure the right contractors for the project are chosen, for a fair and competitive price.
  • Project Management and Supervision – we manage all the design and construction teams, and perform the supervision, ensuring the quality, cost and schedule control.
  • Marketing and Sales – we setup the marketing and sales plan. A brand and an image is created for the project, always having in mind the objective and target client. We coordinate the broker network so that the balance between sales rate and revenues is the most effective.
  • Reporting – Sometimes it is necessary to take important decisions along the way, whether to increase sales rhythm, to optimize costs, or to review selling prices. Information is vital to take decisions. To make sure that our investors are always informed, we issue detailed reports monthly, or whenever a key decision is important, such as contractor award.

Interior Design

A good interior design project is primordial for the space's identity.
A good architectural project only shines in its fullness if we know how to “dress” it correctly. The space is only complete after being filled with furniture and decoration.
Whether for private housing or investment, interior design is an essential final touch to make the property stand out and enhance it.

  • Concept Creation - We define the project's personality by creating a Moodboard that expresses the expected idea for the different environments. It is at this stage that we meet the client's tastes and their intentions, by developing the interior design project.
  • Choice of items – We carefully select all the elements that will make up the space, from the smallest to the largest items. A Conceptboard is developed to visualize the desired set. We can choose to select existing pieces on the market or design furniture pieces exclusively for the project in question, guaranteeing its uniqueness.
  • Orders – With the project Budget previously defined and approved by the client and all quantities strictly calculated, we will start the purchase and manufacture of the items, ensuring the quality and rigor of their execution, as well as the timely arrival to the place of work.
  • Assembly – To make sure that everything is according to the project, we coordinate deliveries and assemblies ensuring the desired end result and a complete turnkey style interior service.

We highlight our experience in creating interiors for tourism and local accommodation with a unique personality.

Project Operation

Because for some investors the project only really starts after the completion of the construction.

  • Property Management – we coordinate the maintenance throughout the life cycle of the property, making sure the property is well maintained, with the least possible cost
  • Asset Management – we ensure that our investors can have the highest return, by managing the properties in a cost-effective way